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Why Have Your Water Tested?

The CDC (Center for Disease Control) recommends that homes test their water yearly. The more frequently your water is tested, the more accurate the results are for your water table. However, as water scientists, we know that If you only have your water tested once a year, the sample may contain higher or lower levels of contaminants then what the average may actually be. Therefore, getting routine testing done provides a more accurate account of elements in your water. AWPC recommends conducting quarterly tests to guarantee you have the most accurate reading of your water levels.


City / Municipal Water:

Many people feel that they are completely safe from harmful elements if they receive water from a local municipal. While the water quality from a municipality is tested daily, the water supply can still come in contact with all kinds of elements en route to your house. There is no way to accurately know what your water will pick up on the way. Municipalities also often use chemicals, like chlorine additives, to eliminate bacteria, and some homeowners may look to reduce this.

Private Wells:

As a homeowner using water from a well, it’s important to understand that well water is not regulated by a municipality. It then becomes the homeowner’s responsibility to test the water. Unlike municipal water, well water is also not run through a treatment plant, which often leads to an increase in higher harmful concentrations of all kinds of elements (i.e. arsenic, mercury) within the well.

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